Faultytwin first started out as a character in a short flash animation in a college project called Everyday Hero. Most of my college projects included fart jokes or referenced zombie films. Hence my invite to special student day was “lost in the post” as my head lecturer put it. Using myself as a base for the character(thats why he is so handsome) Faulty is a gentle soul who isn’t very intelligent. In the animaton Faulty must save an old lady from the clutches of a mugger using only his wits and maniless…..it doesn’t go well. A mere two years later the first comic strip was created which was called Blink – http://www.faultytwin.com/blink . After a few more were complete i registered the great domain name Faultytwin.com. Using a plugin for WordPress called Comicpress i made my first tentative steps into the comic strip world. I really dont know how to describe my work, if you do email in – faultycomics@hotmail.co.uk